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Spoke with a Ball Driller who tested Gripcheck. He discovered that there was too much pressure on his ring finger. He changed his pitch to decrease the pressure on that finger. Now here is a BALL DRILLER that discovered his grip needed adjustment. It's not that he isn't proficient, it was the feedback his sensories were giving him. He felt his grip was good, but GRIPCHECK showed a discrepancy that he wouldn't of known otherwise. This is the purpose of this product and it works as advertised. 6/2012
Here are people who used Gripcheck and their results. Would YOU like to have your experience posted? Click "Contact US" on this page to send your feedback with Gripcheck and it will be uploaded to the website. 

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Testimonials using Gripcheck
​There's been many many success stories and "Max-y-Moments" over the years. I've been coaching Conwell-Egan Catholic's Boys Bowling Team since 2007. Most of my players converted to the Max-y-grip and saw instant improvement. Cleaner release, better tilt off the hand and increased pin action and carry.